Lewis Goddard


I have written papers on things from capitalism and competitive economy in socialism, to the exaggeration and focus of historical views, and on to the equality of persons, of lack their of, and the restrictions of achievement for individuals (hard work doesn't get you everything, and practice won't always make perfect).


After joining eustasy in 2011, I assumed control over the organisation in 2012. Since then it has grown from just 4 young developers to and average of 25-30 individuals creating code and designs using centralized resources every month. Much of the development from early 2013 onwards has been open-sourced, and starting in 2014, all the processes behind the running will be transparent.

Open Source

I've worked on everything from Open-Source projects I started, largely for my own ends, to small, supporting elements of much larger endeavors towards improving peoples computing experience. I've worked with the passionate designers and developers behind elementary OS, pushed previously one man projects like DeVeDe into the limelight.


Aside from constructing many of the eustasy projects and enterprises, I have also sporadically worked freelance for over eight years building couture pieces of the internet for various private clients and businesses. As such, I am proficient in most common server and client-side technologies, including the latest and greatest that HTML and CSS has to offer (arrows were always easy). If you want to see examples of my code, you should check out some of the GitHub repositories I've contributed too.

Client Side

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript

Admin Side

  • WordPress 3
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Server Side

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Ubuntu Server


Having taken over control of eustasy, a collaborative resources and learning organisation for both budding and more experienced web developers and designers, I quickly founded How to Ubuntu, which I continue to write tutorials and other articles for. More recently I have started how to elementary os as an alternative to How to Ubuntu for this new, exciting, and, above all, beautiful operating system.


I grow things.

Sometimes they don't die.


Coffee Beans don't exist,
and Orange does have a Rhyme.

Coffee Beans and other Lies is the ground-breaking new exposé from Lewis Goddard, brutally debunking everything from common misconceptions, to downright porkies.

With over 100 hundred Myths, Lies, Legends and Misconceptions, this book is surely a must have for any self-respecting human being.

Coffee Beans and other Lies is not limited by mundane things, such as references, or, indeed, taste. In fact, the entire book is basically a list of things you've been ignorant about for the preceding portion of our life.

Coming Soon to

  • Amazon
  • Kobos
  • iBookstore.
  • Google Books
  • Barnes & Noble


The quickest way to contact me quickly is probably Twitter, although Google+ is nice for nerdier stuff. If you don't want to contact me on Twitter or Google+, then you can send me an email.

Issues or Questions about any of the GitHub repositories I contribute to should be posted there, that way the issues can be used for reference and I can get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I close them.


Communication & Team Organisation


Navigation & Orientation


Resource Management


Threat Awareness



High Flyer